Saturday, 20 July 2013

Do Not Feed The Toddler!

Do not look at me as if I'm a hard hearted anti Christ!
Yes I'm that mum the one who took the biscuit away from my child the other day you know the one that swooped in and almost grabbed it from him as he was about to ram the chocolaty goodness into his little hamster cheeks. Yes that's me cruel you think? Several of you saw me swoop in looking with judgemental eyes you  watched shamefully as my son sobbed. I'm sure you tutted as I dragged him away and tried to  calm him with some goodies from my bag. I can imagine the comments "its only a bit of chocolate" "wow loosen up".
I tried to be polite tried to keep him to the safe biscuits but there's always some kind stranger willing to pass him a "good" one. I dread their kind faces smiling at him and almost sneaking him the goodies like a nanny sneaks sweets or a grandad penny's. He smiles sweetly back, of course he wants the good stuff any two year old with a sweet tooth has learnt the look!
Now think to why I panicked as that sweet treat reached for his mouth. Am I an over the top health freak. Is he on a strict diet with only grilled meat and veg.....Or is that biscuit poison!?!
Yes lady's you were judging me for valuing my sons life. That biscuit was a high risk I have no clue what's in it and no idea if it could land him in hospital.  The poison I talk of is nuts and although you may think I'm overreacting I know full well that sweet chocolaty treat could land my son in hospital struggling to breath. And yet  I get the looks of disgust even when I look at the label people give me funny looks as if I'm a health freak. No people I'm a normal mum my lil dude is one of the 1 in 12 nowadays that has a food allergy. He's normal I'm normal we just have to be careful. Some people think its a fashionable condition something made up for attention they do not understand the seriousness of it. Until you have been there until you have seen your baby lying in a hospital bed struggling to breath, please don't judge.
I'm at a loss on what to do I don't want to make him feel different but the actions of strangers scare me I know in my heart they are being kind, what do I do get him not feed the toddler nuts"

As he gets older I'm sure he'll learn to ask or as I do stick to the safe stuff . Until then please don't judge me consider there may be a reason for my cruelty. I refuse to separate him from his friends at snack time because their "may" be a risk. I am not a drama queen about it but I do have to be careful and keep my boy safe.

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