Monday, 1 July 2013

Looking past the Martyr Mum Title!

Last year of my twenty's! A great day to reminisce and appreciate what I have in life. I've spent the day with my bestie her lil lady and my little dude we went to a theme park and had a fantastic time... If you'd have told me ten years ago I'd have entered a theme park not even stepped on one thrill ride but had an amazing day I'd have laughed in your face. Yes that's right me the adrenaline junkie had a fantastic time on the teacups!!
The highlight of our day watching sea lions and parrots little dudes face lit up and I realise that life's not about me anymore his happiness leads to mine and if I can make him laugh just once it makes my day!

I read a piece on netmums the other day on Martyr mums. It was based on an article written by The Times Daisy Waugh. It makes you wonder why working mums and stay at home mums cant just agree to disagree. Martyr ...One who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief, cause, or principle. So by that definition I have given up my life for lil dude and am suffering?!?
I love being at home with my lil dude my day evolves around him and his mood reflects my mood. Some women may think that's sad that my life lacks purpose but who are they to judge me I am happy and is that not what all life is about.
Would I work days if I had to would I put him in childcare well yes I would have no choice. I know I'm blessed to be able to chose my hours and to have a very hard working husband who who has made our lifestyle possible. On the other hand how can I blame others who want or have to work who am I to tell them how to live their lives. If you need or want to work then surely a happy mummy leads to a happy family. What good would it do staying at home with the kids because you feel duty bound to be there and being miserable as sin, who's that helping. Surely in this day and age we can understand that women have the choice to work or need to as a generation we are having to work more to sustain a decent lifestyle.
Cant we have a nice mix of  stay at home mummy's and career mums without feeling the need to downgrade each others parenting styles.
Do our insecurities effect our judgement of others? I worry lil dude will think I lack ambition hence the blog and I'm sure working mums worry about leaving their kids. Lets face it motherhood is one huge worry however your tackling it so lets try and concentrate on our own family whichever way it works best for us.

We spend our days teaching our kids to be honest and non judgemental so why arn't we listening to our own lessons??

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