Friday, 5 July 2013

Shaving Foam Paint/Chaos

This is part two of our Budget Play Time series part one was the Ricetastic Airport this is a great lazy day activity although it looks crazy messy the cleanup is a wet cloth.
Fen Tiger wanted in on this one!

You Will Need:
Shaving Foam,
Paint, We use crayola paints as they are currently the only ones I've found that don't stain hands or clothes (if washed quick).
A Tray (we used a baking tray)

All we did was squirt the foam in a baking tray and add a few squirts of paint then I left lil dude to it!
I had originally planned this as an art activity but we made a big mess on the paper and lil dude was more interested in sludging and spreading the foam so I let him take the lead.

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