Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Killer Bee's...Apparently!!

The noise that gets every mother running, a high pitch I've hurt myself scream... You know the ones they save for the real cuts and grazes the one that usually means there's blood pouring from somewhere! I run to the garden to see my lil dude hands in the air screaming blue murder...Theres a bug there's a bug!
Yes folks that world is ending scream was the result of a bloody fly!!!!
Our newest two and a half year old drama is extreme creepycrawleyitus! You'd think well that's not so bad but when you add into the equation my lovely flower filled garden grass brimming with pretty white clover...theres our problem! It started with ants when he saw one we'd have to come inside. I pulled out my mummy magic book and after going on an ant hunt with a magic maglifline glass (what you have magnifying glasses how very dull ;-) we drew them some chalk houses on the patio and he now says they are his fwiends!
The next melt down was bees so back to the libary with a bee book in hand we discussed how they are making honey for our lunch....bee fear solved...i thought. Untill today warmest day of the year and we spent half of it avoiding bloomin bugs! Lil dude named a bee hairy the other day and since then every bee is hairy..  That's ok hairy is our friend. His brother lairy is apparently not! Lil dude has taken offence with him and refuses to compromise. Lairy is a bit rude he trys to get in the paddling pool and flys near heads buzzing with intent! Lairy is making me consider block paving. So my next challenge will be taming lairy and overcoming creepycrawleyitus!
Fellow mums some advice or the number of your therapists please :-)

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