Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Salt Dough Aliens

Well today is UFO Day....But of course you knew that ;-) and what better way to celebrate those visitors from afar than making our very own Salt Dough Aliens!

You Will Need:
1 Cup Plain Flour,
1/2 Cup Salt,
1 Cup Water,
Few Drops Food Colouring
Random pieces of foam, sequins, pom pom's... whatever's in the craft cupboard.

To make a basic salt dough mix a cup of plain flour with half a cup of salt, a few drops of green food colouring then add water until it blends nicely I usually chuck in half a cup then add till its a good play dough texture. Knead for a while until mixes nicely.

I set out a tray with a bundle of exciting little pieces and let lil dude take the lead.

Shockingly the diggers got in on the action that's when he started to bore slightly so mummy jumped in and suggested we make aliens!
That idea was a hit we were soon rolling and making little faces and curling hair....what you don think aliens have hair weeeell this one does!

This one was lil dudes own creation.

I wish this were a video as during this picture he was squeezing his mouth making the alien say "hello I'm an alien" very cute moment!

This was such a low budget easy activity and was great fun once we got into it. I love the activity's that are left a bit open as its great to see lil dudes imagination run with it!


  1. I absolutely love this idea! I will have to copy the recipe down for when baby Oscar is older :)

    Do you have GFC or Bloglovin' so I can follow your blog? I'd really love to.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. Hi Louise, Thanks we use the recipe a lot I'm not on blogger yet have only just got in the swing of blog land but will be within the next week its next on the list. I'll comment here when its up and running. Thanks for the lovely comment.


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