Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pippette Art

So the other day I had a flashback to my school age comments please! And yes there were such things as schools back then and they even had computers....just! Well this flashback sent me running to amazon and looking up pipettes and amazingly they had them so I quickly ordered a bag of ten for 1.39 inc p + p. Wow the possibilities my reason for buying is mainly to use them in water play as using the squeegee end has to be good for motor skills. I then got to thinking I need an activity to introduce them and it just can't be clean! So I ran to the craft cupboard and dug out the lining paper and paints add some water and glitter and taaa daaaaa rainbow sparkle paint. Its messy its sparkly is a colour explosion yes its bloomin fab!!!

We laid out some lining paper on the patio I went over the top as wanted this to get seriously messy!
This was stuck down with masking tape but after a bit of wind sent it flying towards us I'd recommend a few big stones to weigh the edges down.

It already looks great fun there's nothing more exciting than a fresh canvas to destroy...I mean decorate.

Ahh the first few squirts of paint great fun!

Check out the impressive artwork. I may have to do this on a canvas for the house.

Ummm and then chaos reined and the pouring commenced!

Lil mister I don't do messy play almost getting his toes messy, one day I'll get him messy its my goal in life lol!

The end result taa daa. I think the best bit was lil dude "helping" me clean up with the hose and the all out hose war that it resulted in and just for the record the pipettes squirt water a massive distance!

What Fun!!!

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