Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Building Houses

We had the most perfect day today I just had to share. Started the day with a fab car boot where we found so many dinosaur books, a doctor’s kit and sea creatures I’d been on the hunt for all cheap as chips. Nice! We then headed home to enjoy the amazing weather yeahy sun!!! It’s been grotty for days so Mr sun you are oh so welcome.
At home hubby joined us in the garden where he and lil dude stumbled across my next project…. A free play area ok so so far it’s just a pile of sticks from a tree I hacked up last weekend, buuut it has fuelled my desire for the free play area as it worked a treat. Within seconds they were building a house on the lawn with sticks. Lil dude had a field day he was trying to put them in the ground and balancing sticks on the roof. It was such a simple concept and has worked really well. Will be adding stones shells and bark to the area soon. The day was completed with a family BBQ and lots of giggles and marshmallows. I imagined days like this when I was pregnant I’m so blessed to have them both!

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