Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Down On The Farm

So a great day on the farm a couple of souvenirs and a lil boy with farm animals on the brain led to the creation of another small world. While the lil dude had his nap I put together some lolly stick fences using a glue gun (adapted this from her small worlds are fab!

Left them out so lil man could see them when he came down and as predicted as soon as he woke up he started inspecting the new creations. Once explained what they are he dragged me out to “make a farm”. I had planned to do it on the grass but the good weather had made the grass pretty hard and tough to break with a blunt lolly stick. We had a change of plans and invaded the flower beds. I had planned to make a field and road for the tractor but about 10 seconds after this picture was taken he saw a few ants and the world ended. I guess my next project will be overcoming his myrmecophobia (oh yes I looked it up and there actually is a name for fear of ants, admit it your impressed) so the farm has been shelved till I find a cure but hey ho the pictures good :-)

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