Saturday, 22 June 2013

Why Blog??

So now I've bulked out the blog with a few play ideas time to start actually writing the thing!
 I guess the first one should be why...why do I feel the need to stick my life on the web?
I love spending my time dreaming up and researching over the top play ideas and games for my lil dude. I love seeing his face and hearing his reactions. I love taking pictures of the fun and chaos! I have a phone full of messy creative chaos and it feels so wasted.
I would love to have a database of it all to look back on to remember when my lil dude is all grown.

Also I need a vent my hubby has just embarked on a 7 year phd and that means a lot of work for him and a lot of me time for yours truly. Soooo I'll chatter on and maybe one day someone will read it but hey if not I will still have a great lot of memories and god willing a son who reaches his fullest potential as his mummy has done all she can to help him learn and become a kind honest man.

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