Friday, 28 June 2013

Time to Cut Costs

So part of this blog was about saving money and saving my lil dude from iwant'titus (yes its a condition of course it is would i lie to you!) We haven't got as far as the cut backs yet so that's the next stage!
I'm gonna stick to two paid activities a week. Lil dude is not an active kiddywink he is much happier doing puzzles or sitting with his dinos. He is quite happy to follow the lead and run riot when with other kiddys so I am sticking with the gymnastics and soft play toddler group once a week. They shut these in the summer hols anyway and me and my bestie usually go to farms, parks or just chill in the garden with the kiddies so that should cut some costs there. We have no holiday booked this year except for a long weekend away which is so far unplanned but will be travel lodge or premier inn so low cost.
Shopping.... oh shopping a few months back I only shopped online and saved money soo gonna revert back to that and will avoid supermarkets like the plague. I have a problem I cannot walk into a supermarket and buy a carton of milk I enter one supermarket and spend £50 its bad and i don't know how i do it its like a trip out and freedom of walking the aisles goes to my head. What can I say I need help!
So mission avoid supermarket is in order!
Also I'm gonna start giving lil dude £5 pocket money a week. This may seem a lot but I spend so much on random bits of junk for him and even more on even more plastic dinosaurs. So he will be getting £5 if he wants to get a magazine, toy, car boot goodies etc that's his lot. I want him to start seeing that these things cost money and that he has a limit.
So that's it the life plan for now it may not seem much but if I try too much at once I will run out of enthusiasm a week in!
Wish me luck!

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