Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Poorly Toddler

Oh the joys of being a mummy. My lil dude is currently asleep (I am fully aware I'm on borrowed time) his temp is up and he's flinching in his sleep after a rough night and a high maintenance day I've come to the realisation that this wont get any easier. The worry never relaxes the stress of watching listening and praying wont cease. I guess this is the long haul! Funny thing is they warn you of these times when you fall pregnant (bit late then hey!) and there's no way then you can ever imagine the worry the connection the all consuming love that you feel. We've had a couple of horrible nights in the hospital in the past and they haunt me every time hes so much as got a cold. I almost have a bag packed and shoes at the ready for the hospital run. Its crazy isn't it really. But hey I've realised ever since motherhood hit me that life will always be crazy from the crazy fun to the crazy worry. But in all reality would I change a thing....Nope.
From the happy tears to the sad I've never been happier!

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