Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Our day at the beach.... well kinda!

So today was grotty outside the sort of rain which gets in your bones. As it’s the weekend I wanted to make it fun sooo the beach came to us! Now if you’re a house proud anti mess mama this isn’t for you. I laid down a duvet cover to offer some protection to the rug gave lil dude strict instructions to stay on the rug and all messy toys were to stay too. He thought it was great! Of course every dino he could find went in and were repeatedly buried and dug up. Super cute moment while digging he was saying (in his little 2 year old voice so proudly) I’m a palaeontologist I’m digging for dinosaurs!
Anything that makes him smile like this activity is well worth a bit of hovering! He actually played in this all day which amazed me! I had to reset it up after nap time. In the afternoon we removed most of the dinos and made sandcastles which mummy really enjoyed lol! I had so much fun with my little man today he was on top form and days like today make the bad ones melt away.
Top Advice….. I saw on TV recently that baby powder is great for getting off sand so tested the theory today and it worked wonders!!!! Just pour some on the sticky sandy hands feet etc. and it brushes right off! This tip will save so much effort at the real beach and daddy running back and forth with a bucket of water only for hooligan toddler to jump back into sand (we’ve all been there right lol!)

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