Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ocean Small World

This is a spin off from the water beads post but deserved its own post we had a great fun found these water creatures at a car boot and just had to create an ocean to let them swim free! It’s basically a few washed rocks and water beads so an easy make!
Ok ok I know they are very unproportioned and I’m sure that in the real world crabs, whales and starfish wouldn’t be sat next to each other buuuut it was still a great learning opportunity as we chatted about the whale spraying water, stingray hiding at the bottom and the crab scuttling. My lil dude is 2 so I’m not out to teach him Latin names or breeding patterns. He just picks up little facts and enjoys playing in water.

On this hot day the water beads didn’t quite cut it so we went on to add water and ice to the mix which was great fun.

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