Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Shelltastic Roadblock

This was an unplanned lil play session. We were playing diggers on his play mat and pretending to dig roads a favourite toy in our house when we spotted the tray of shells. You’ll see from my other posts that we have been collecting loose parts to play outside and so having just got my hands on a bunch of shells and the weather not permitting us to play in the garden they have been chucked in a tray on the front rug. They have been used in many a game of hide and seek the shells and generally poured, tipped and counted.
So with my handsome assistant we created road blocks on the mat roads and then set to clearing them. This kept him amused for ages and soon the tray was turned to the builders site/dump where all the shells were cleared to we dug and transferred to tippers then drove to site to tip. Its a great way of adding a new aspect to an old toy.
Will be keeping some loose parts in the house too :-)

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