Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Our Rainbow Rice

Today’s entertainment has been the fantastic rainbow rice and boy was it a hit I have seen this all over blog land but the recipe came from one of my fav blogs happy hooligans. If you haven’t come across it yet it’s a must just fantastic!!!
The rice was sooooooo simple took a zip lock bag half filled with rice then put a tbs of vinegar and a few drops of food colouring. I mixed it well by shaking and mushing (wow can’t you tell I spend most of my time with a two year old lol). Some like the blue I had to add more colouring than the others too so would advise you to mix and then add more as required. I was heavy handed with the yellow and that took a long while to dry plus has a vinegar scent to it. It’s not off putting but would recommend you don’t copy that mistake. Once all mixed I popped onto a baking tray to dry and returned a few times to mix. They clumped a bit at first which worried me but after the first couple of stirs they were perfectly separated.
I placed the baking trays on a towel with a tray in the middle and gave him spoons, bottles, funnels, pans etc… He had a great time scooping crunching and pouring them mixing the colours as we went. This activity lead to so many play opportunities’ he was a fountain of ideas which made my day! The following he came up with in one morning:
Pouring colours in bottles through funnels making patterns (like coloured sand ones this looks amazing and I’m deffo on the lookout for an unusual vase that we can fill together in the future for the dining room!)

Making shakers by putting a few bits of rice in little plastic pots.
Dinoland he started sorting dinos at first green for herbivores blue for swimmers red for carnivores etc. which was great then it all got a bit chaotic (as it usually does with lil dude) and ended up in a dinosaur war zone resulting in several poor souls getting buried by the remaining colours being chucked in all together. The days entertainment ended up in him requesting we make a movie so I dug out the phone and recorded lil dude acting out a mini story I read aloud. The movie will win no awards but lil dude loves watching it over and over.
A quick tidy up later leading me to a piece of advice…. A towel is not big enough protection would advise a double duvet laid out or a messy mat. It wasn’t a big clean up but to save the hovering the mats are ace plus can scoop it and reuse.
I’ve kept the rice and will use again and again this is a cheap days activity for us and I’m sure will be used again and again

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