Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hidden Art Station

You will need-

Lining Paper,
Masking Tape &

This one is especially good if you have laminate or tiled floor as can just be left and pulled out when required. As you can see I have the perfect setting for it, I could just pull the sofa back then replace over the top but this can be done anywhere and is easily removed so dosn't have to be left out.

All you need to do is lay some lining paper down and use masking tape to secure the edges and let their imagination run riot. On its first day this was hand... and head prints. Lil dude had us all lying on our backs drawing round our heads.
I then pulled the sofa back over it and forgot it was there.
Untill today when lil dude was climbing the walls a bit so it turned into a train track with a road beside it.
I wont win any points for artistic talent but we had fun and its a great one to work together as he tells mummy what to draw while he gets the trains and helps colour.

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